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6ft 700L reef aquarium.

The client often refers to reef aquariums as living art, this is perfectly display inside the wall.

Access to this aquarium is from behind in the laundry.

Maintained monthly
Private residence
Mt cotton

6ft 750L reef aquarium.

This living reef is viewed upon entry to the architecturally designed home.

As a diving enthusiast, this client enjoys his deep passion for the ocean on a daily basis.

Maintained fortnightly
Private residence
Wavell Heights

500L African cichlid aquarium

This commercial client recently upgraded their office reef aquarium, and converted their original into a freshwater African cichlid display.

With a sunken shipwreck as a centre piece and drilled scoria rock and artificial plants, these colour fish have a great time swimming amongst the decor. The grandchildren have a ball spotting the fish when visiting!

11ft 1600L reef aquarium

This aquarium divides the main dining room from an office with access via both the front and rear of the aquarium.

This reef aquarium is really special to see. The vibrate colours and health of every single coral is incredible. Stoney corals are often trimmed as they have grown to the surface. Soft corals grow amongst larger colonies and a large vivid Squamosa clam as the centrepiece.

Maintained fortnightly
Rockwork credit: C Tippet
Private residence

11ft 1500L reef aquarium

This is one bustling display of life! Loaded with schooling fish, larger display fish and a wall to wall coral display.

Maintained fortnightly
Private residence
Mt nebo

15ft 3300L reef aquarium.

This aquarium divides the main entryway from the main lounge room, and is set in sandstone with two large hinged doors for access. Feeding the large group of fish is always a spectacle.

A diverse mixed reef with stoney corals, LPS, soft corals, anemones and inverts, an eel and an endless number of fish.

All filtration is housed in a seperate room, with a water change tank and aquarium controller.

Maintained fortnightly
Private residence


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