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Aquarium Solutions. As our name suggests, we approach all facets of our work with long term success in mind. We want our clients to experience all the amazing benefits and enjoyment that an aquarium can bring without unnecessary challenges.

In addition to our large residential client base, we also proudly maintain aquariums for businesses in the following fields, IT consultants, mining corporations, GP surgeries, specialised doctors surgeries, retirement homes, childcare centres, dentists, architects, builders, pool shops, high schools, cosmetics.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, attention to detail and to deliver tangible results holding ourselves highly accountable for the success of your aquarium.

Supplying the highest quality livestock including Marine fish, Corals, Invertebrates and Freshwater fish is the most crucial step in building a thriving eco-system. The utmost care and attention is given to correct quarantine methods with a long-term commitment to the health of each animal. Aquarium solutions can supply and install all essential equipment needed to maintain an effective functional life support system for your fish.

Our Team

Bentley has been involved in helping thousands of people with their aquariums over his 15 years of industry experience: 3 years as an aquarium shop assistant, 10 years as owner of Atlas Aquarium in Brisbane , whilst also operating the servicing division, Aquariums By Design for 6 years. Once moving on from retail, Aquariums By Design was then re-launched as Aquarium Solutions in 2019.

Kyle is a young and enthusiastic fish keeper, with a deep passion for tropical and planted aquariums. Studying a degree in medicine, Kyle works part time managing the majority of our freshwater aquariums. When he doesn’t have his head buried in medical journals, he’s at the gym or trading crypto currencies.

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