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Aquarium Maintenance

Understanding no two aquariums are the same, ensures our approach is tailored specifically to your long-term goals for your aquarium, and focused on real results.

We take essential steps to ensure our equipment is cleaned thoroughly should any aquariums contain contaminants such as nuisance algae or transmissible diseases.

Working around our clients schedule is never a problem, some jobs are performed on public holidays when businesses are closed, others before, during or after hours.

We pride ourselves on taking a very specific and careful approach to new set ups as so much cost, hassle and heartbreak can be avoided by doing things right from the beginning.

As they say ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.

Aquarium Solutions Brisbane, Gold Coast And Sunshine Coast | Maintenance, Custom Design, Rentals | Commercial And Residential
Powder blue tang covered in white spot, this infection can devastate an entire reef population
Aquarium Solutions Brisbane, Gold Coast And Sunshine Coast | Maintenance, Custom Design, Rentals | Commercial And Residential
The silent killer, flukes worms are almost impossible to see without a microscope
Aquarium Solutions Brisbane, Gold Coast And Sunshine Coast | Maintenance, Custom Design, Rentals | Commercial And Residential
After a microscope analysis, the flukes were easily killed with a 5-minute freshwater bath

Have you been maintaining your aquarium yourself, and aren’t achieving the desired results? Our initial consultations are complimentary and offer advice and guidance on improvements that can be made. However, we are always more than happy to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work for you.

Holiday Check In

Going on holiday and leaving behind a thriving aquarium can add stress and worry to what should be an enjoyable break away. We offer clients a holiday check-in service, where we drop by and check all equipment is running correctly, top up water reserves and sumps, add additional food such as frozen or specialty foods, and perform regular water changes and maintenance.

We provide updates and photos on the condition of the aquarium. Various equipment and other monitoring strategies can be implemented for added peace of mind and control over critical components such as temperature, water flow, ORP and pH.

Businesses that may close over the Christmas and New Year’s break are encouraged to discuss with us various options for their aquarium.


The relocation of an aquarium is a difficult task and therefore requires experience involving very specific processes and procedures to be completed in the correct order to ensure a safe and trouble-free move. Not only do we move the heavy hardware components, we also take exceptional care and attention when it comes to the fish and corals that you’ve grown to love over the years.

Over time, dangerous compounds can build up in aquariums such as hydrogen sulphide, sulphur, and anoxic bacteria. When safely managed, these compounds are eliminated from the aquarium during the move and pose no further risk to the inhabitants.

When we relocate aquariums, owners are advised of precautionary actions to take weeks prior to the move ensuring when the time comes the aquarium is in the correct condition. These small steps ensure the process is a success.

Please feel free to contact us regarding the relocation of your aquarium. The more notice we have the better.


You may be new to the hobby, or a seasoned aquarist, either way fish keeping CAN has its fair share of trials and tribulations. Our team are here to provide you with the correct advice and best practice solutions to ensure your aquarium is a thriving success.

We provide a comprehensive troubleshooting consultation; assessing your equipment and life support system, feeding regime, maintenance regime, full water analysis via titration and ICP testing, and a livestock compatibility assessment.

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